Sola has always performed excellently it in all her presentations as the creative director of Flames Advertising Agency. Whatever project she touches turns to gold and this has helped increased the company’s financial base from what it used to be. The 13th of November was not going to be different; her company was depending on her to win the million dollar contract, this was going to make her promotion rapid. Sola walked in with confidence into the board room to work her magic but unfortunately after the presentation the look on the clients face was one of dissatisfaction. They whispered amongst themselves and came to a conclusion that the agency will not be able to represent their interest formidably.

Sola went home distressed and could hardly sleep, where did it go all wrong? What would the company think of me? A failure maybe, I’m such a loser, she thought.

So she made up her mind to resign from the agency because she could not bear the shame of losing.

As much as people love admiration they also dread condemnation. Many individuals like Sola live their lives on the basis of being immune to failure and based on what others think about them.  Quite a number of people have given up on their dreams because they attempted it the first time and they failed.  For some, they tried many times but failed. A preacher once said, “What is worth doing is worth doing poorly at first but is perfected with persistent practice.

According to H. Stanley Judd, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. If you are not failing, you are not growing.”

It is in failure that an individual realizes how to plan better and in what areas he or she has to develop on.

Sola did not know that her failure was a stepping stone to new heights and also an opportunity to use a seemingly common method to achieve an uncommon outcome.  This was also learning to do things differently from the norm. Sola had been used to a norm in getting her clients interest but that did not work for her. Change is a constant thing and new ideas spring up all the time, every corporate organization, and institution are in need of a revolutionary idea that would help them meet up the demands of their customers in this 21st century.  It is popularly said that when you keep doing things the same way you will get the same result. She never saw this as an opportunity for growth. A champion is known by the obstacles he or she has overcome.

It is also of importance to bear in mind that we are still (human beings a being still undergoing a process of learning). In English grammar the word ‘being’ is a present continuous tense, which means we are still aiming towards perfection, therefore we are prone to rising and falling. Life poses new challenges on our way and is up to us to overcome and learn from them. We should never punish ourselves when we make mistakes or transfer aggression on people when things did not go as originally planned because on the long run we might not be able to think straight on how to be better. It is also worthy of note that those who criticized us have moved on and we still imprison ourselves in our minds.

The point is stop complaining and analyzing the mistake made rather let us embrace our uniqueness by learning to live to the fullest.  Learn to laugh over your shortcomings for only God is perfect and he still loves us despite our shortcomings.

A young lady who loved writing decided to enroll for a writing course to polish her writing skills. Each time she was given an assignment she would attempt it with all enthusiasm expecting to get a positive feedback from her tutor but unfortunately the feedback from the tutor was not what she expected so she began to have mixed feelings perhaps enrolling for the course was a bad idea. She missed out on the fact that she was on a learning process.  With the help and encouragement of friends she kept pushing and she gave herself a break from worrying.  Few months later she became a published writer.

In conclusion, giving up at the slightest challenge will only yield catastrophe and living an unfulfilled life. Nothing good comes easy therefore it is of necessity to be mature in our thinking and keep adding value to our lives if we want to be relevant and be ahead in life.