Psychologists have tried to acquire an unspoken prize to the world’s renowned society by trying to decipher the human organic safe; faintly realizing that facial expressions can be trained to mask the truth using tools such as smiles and rehearsed motivational speeches.

The only way to have close to a quality grasp of what goes on in the safe is to be one committed to trust and loyalty. This is such that when an individual reveals an uplifting and grief-stricken moment, you can be affirmed as a shoulder to lean on.

Everyone needs a person to converse with, a person to express his emotional insecurities to, and a person who can correct him in love without breaching the trust held. Relationships can be built but, ‘are you ready for commitments?’ Yet you begin to wonder why your friend yielded to suicide’s call without your consent.

Were you fully committed to your friend’s stability in every aspect? Were you sincere enough for your friend to tell you his fears? Were you a face that brought strength to his fragile heart or were you just a friend’s friend to your friend?

Really, who are you to your friend?

Tolu Ojo, a final year student of the University of Lagos. A passionate writer of poems, contents and articles.
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