The only constant thing in life is change and one of the evidence of living is growth. it is one of the characteristics of living things. When you don’t engage in change, you will end up in chains. A foremost Scientist, Charles Darwin once quipped that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent; it is the one that is most adaptable to change. Doing things the same way and expecting a different result is the simplest definition of Insanity.”

Change means to become different, to improve, to evolve, to grow, to increase, expand, progress, innovate or create etc. No matter your current status in life; whether it is in academics, career, business, finance, health, relationships or marriage, you must always acknowledge that it can be better and nobody holds the right to your positive change except YOU. So, take responsibility now and give yourself the permission to be better each moment than you were at the previous.

Over the years, it is observed that people respond differently to change. Some resist change, others avoid or deny change; while some others embrace it .What must be acknowledged in life is that, not all things are within our control (such as; weather, government policies, other peoples opinion etc) but quite certainly somethings are within our control e.g. your thoughts, feelings, actions, character etc. At all times, focus on things within your control while those outside your control will take care of themselves. The quickest route to getting frustrated in life is trying to change things outside your control.

Always remember that you have only one life to live and you owe yourself and your world the best version of you so, live your life on purpose, be deliberate about your steps, be strategic and conquer your world!

All fruits don’t just grow on any soil. There is a required platform for the growth of each fruit hence; there is a required position you need to take in other to experience positive change. Your location matters so much to your life. Your location will determine your allocation. Where you stand will determine how far you will see and what can get to you in terms of opportunities.

Life is an opportunity; maximize it. Opportunities are what you need to take you to a place of next level. Opportunities are open doors or set of circumstances that take you into greater heights.

You are where you are today because of the opportunities you took or lost yesterday. Where you will be tomorrow will be the result of the opportunities you seize or loose today. PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITIES= SUCCESS


  • Meeting People: Everything you need in life requires people. Connect and be nice to people because they hold the key to your next level. Even God uses people to get things done around here! People are your greatest asset for unending success and significance.
  • Giving: Give your talent, treasures and time. Giving is a seed. Your seed is your future. Always ask yourself what’s in me for it and not what’s in it for me. Life rewards!
  • Working in a Strategic Place: Work in a place of fulfilment, a place you can be trained, informed or meet people. You can’t expect to make the most of opportunities on a job where you are sad on Mondays and glad on Fridays!
  • Visiting Notable Places: This will enhance your capacity to dream and envision a preferred future and guess what you will also likely meet the quality of people your life needs.
  • Seeking Information/Getting Education: All of life thrives on information. You are what you know. Seek information both formally and informally through reading, listening to audio/video programs, surfing the internet, attend trainings, seminars and conferences.

       Facts about Opportunities

  • Every opportunity is for a purpose.
  • Prepare for opportunities because it comes around unannounced.
  • Make the most of opportunities when they come because one opportunity leads to another.
  • Know when to seek new opportunities when the old is expired. They are not to be forever.
  • Opportunities sometimes come as garment of affliction or disguised as challenges.



  • Personal Evaluation: Have an honest assessment of your current state/level. Don’t deceive yourself! It’s important to know your current state so that you can chart a new course for your new destination
  • Change Your Mind-Set: Have a positive mental attitude towards life and your pursuit. You cannot have what you have not become. Change is first within then without. Believe you can become better-The Law of Attraction states that,” everything going on around you is directly proportional to your most dominant thought”.
  • Avoid Comfort Zones: Avoid being too comfortable at a level. Why settle for less when you can reach your best. Success is the greatest enemy of progress. Comfort zones are killer zones! Stretch. When you have reach your goals, set new goals. Go further ahead.
  • Be Selfless: This shows leadership; proof of maturity and soul growing. Solve problems, add value and contribute your quota. Always seek to know what’s in you for it.

Femi Gomez is the Chief Executive Officer,

Max Build Homes LTD.