It has been a prevalent controversy in the recent times, that some people are getting rich in life or succeed at the expense of other millions who are not able to come up to stardom. Many people even believe that some people are lucky more than the others, some have it in mind that God had preference in sharing success or riches to the people; perhaps, there are some people that God preferred to bless or to give riches to. Contrary to all these false belief and fanatic, research has shown that millions of people don’t recognize opportunity when it comes around.

Abraham Lincoln said “All men are born equal”. When it comes to riches or success in life, God does not have any special candidate, we all have equal chances of making it in life, but the so called “The rich” have one thing that millions of people don’t have in life, “They recognize opportunity when they see it” and also they make use of any available opportunity that comes their ways. God almighty, Sir, did not just create the environment to beautify us; He created everything around us to use them for our benefits as the small gods of the world. God created us and made us the lords over all other creatures and that is the evidence of the law of success through Natural instinct and environment.

At times, many things that happen around us are opportunities that can make us to become great in life. Honestly, many people would have made it in life, but our inability to recognize opportunity has been our major hindrance to the promise land. If we really study our environment very well, we will see what we can do that can make us a person that we want to be in life. Many graduates are clamouring for job opportunities, but their environment do provide millions of job opportunities for them almost every day, but quite unfortunate, they could not see it.

What can make us great are actually around us, at times they appear as happenings or challenges, when all these idle potentials and opportunities are tired of being useless, they appear to us as a form of challenge, perhaps we can see them, but quite unfortunate, millions of the people could not recognise them. Honestly, many things are happening around us almost every day that can make us, a worth wile but we are not vigilant enough and that is why many people are at low ebb of making success in life.

The owner of the most popular fast food restaurant in America, Colonel Sanders, lived many years with great opportunity, but one day he realised his potential for greater peak in life. Colonel Sanders started as a service station operator. There were always hungry travellers who stopped in for gas, he did not have a restaurant yet, but when it now became a routine challenge for the travellers who stopped for gas to be looking for food and Colonel recognized it as an opportunity. Sanders patrons ate from his own dining table in the station’s humble living quarters. It was then, that he invented what is called “home meal replacement” selling complete meals to busy time strapped families. He called it “Sunday dinner, seven days a week” Sanders is the owner of the popular Kentucky restaurant in America, formed one of the most popular restaurants in America. As sanders fame grew, Governor Fuby Laffon made him a Kentucky Colonel in 1935 in recognitions to the Status’s curshe

Momofuku Ando, the Japanese man who invented instant noodles, realised his potential immediately after the Second World War. The war made every where to be deserted, and the only food people could buy, not in term of money, but in term of availability. There was only bread for the people to eat; it got a point that people were tired of eating bread. Momofuku Ando thought the other way round and he was able to come out with one of the most sought after food across the world today. If we study our challenges critically, we will see numerous  opportunity in them

Kindly believe that, “God did not prefer some particular set of the people to make a success or to get rich in life”. Everybody is having equal opportunity of making success in life, but million of the people out there don’t recognise the opportunities that they sleep and wake up with almost every day. I can still ascribe this problem to our educational system that is job seeking oriented, and this has made many of us believed too much in our certificate; the pride goes too much into our olfactory lobe that we cannot not even think otherwise and that is why we are wasting the opportunities that surround us. Education is not all about speaking in English, is all about the ability to make anytime by the fore luck. The potential and the opportunities sleep and wake up with us, but our thinking and pride of holding certificates make us the enemies of these potentials and opportunities.  To make it in life, we must be vigilant enough to be aware of every opportunity that comes out or the opportunities that we live with. Bill Gates, the Micro soft inventor said, “it was not my wish to drop out of school, but I see opportunity that can make me become great in life” This is the only difference between the rich and the poor; this is the souvenir that the rich people have that millions of the people in life don’t have.


Index: We often miss opportunities because it’s addressed in over alls and looks like work

Dunmoye Femi: Culled from the book “The secret of wealth”.