I am not a conventional script writer – All well Ademola, well-endowed actress

The voluptuous Actress, Allwell Ademola explains about her upbringing, career and family. The Award winning filmmaker, director, script writer and granddaughter of Nigeria’s first Chief Justice, Justice Adetokunbo Ademola, bears her mind in an exclusive interview with PEAK PATHWAY MAGAZINE’s correspondent, Renner Jennifer on how she has been navigating between family life and acting. Excerpts:


You are a force to be reckoned with in Movie industry, I must say; how can you rate your activities in 2019?

Progressive, it’s not like I have achieved all I aspired for the year but then, I thank God so far, to the glory of God I won the Prestigious City People Awards as Best Movie Director 2019 and lots of other nominations.


What are the high points of your career so far?

I have won awards in various categories, Creative Actress 2015, Best soundtrack maker 2017, Best Producer 2017, Best movie Producer 2018, Best Scriptwriter 2018, Best Comic actress 2019.


You started with English movies but you do more of Yoruba now, Was there any special attraction for the change?

Well, let’s just say I am feeling at home. (laughs..)


Since you got to the movie industry, what have you done differently?

I am not a conventional script writer, I do more of fusion, comedy, music, romance, drama, a mixture of Nigerian languages and lingua franca so (that) my message can get across to all and sundry.


You started from NTA and now you are here, what lessons have you learnt over the years?

Dedication and hard work pay.


What advice can you give to the upcoming artistes?

Believe first of all in God and in yourself. Please get an education and don’t just be educated, get information too.


How do you manage your time with family, leisure and work?

I try to manage time.


In the industry, there are many scripts that many influential actors and actresses will jump at. How can you recognise a good script?

By reading. (laughs…). If it has a good plot, a sensible story that people can relate with and it’s well screen-played too.


In the next five years, where do you intend to see yourself?

International, by God’s grace.


Is there any short cut to success, what does success mean to you?

I don’t believe in shortcuts to success, my pastor will say, if you come before your time, you will go before your time. So, I believe in one step at a time, hard work and dedication.