The Publisher

PublisherThe look back with appreciation to our relationships with you, our esteemed r e a d e r s , b u s i n e s s p a r t n e r s , o u r communal partners for their love, patronage encouragement, advice and for the team that makes up our board and staff.
Our vision still remains to be the world’s most respected African magazine with a mission to let the people understand the concepts of being at the top of their chosen career.
Peak Pathway Magazine is free to all and sundry which we believe will impact the world positively. I encourage you to get a copy as it promises to be interesting and worthwhile.
It is my sincere hope and aspiration that this magazine will add value to you and propels you to succeed in your chosen careers.
May this second half of the year bring us ever closer to our goal of informing and strengthening our community while providing a platform where we can talk, learn, and also share more …. You may visit our online blog and website:

We wish you and your families a prosperous year of good health, happiness and peace. Thanks to each of you for your interest and commitment.


Publisher/CEO PET-DOF Group