There was a town headed by a king and three rich men, the rest inhabitants of the villagers were reeking of poverty. The poor people of the village were not happy about the situation having just only three people as the rich people in the village and the rest were poor.
One day, there was an allegation by the poor ones in the village that the rich people in the village were using the states of their wealth to oppress the rest members of the village. The matter was taken to the king’s palace, and the poor ones in the village promised to kill the three rich men in the village, less they use their states of wealth to oppress them any longer.
The king was very sad about the clandestine and the final decision of the villagers to kill the three rich men, because the first rich man used to sponsor the king’s first child in one of the renowned universities in abroad. The second rich man used to pay the salaries of the king at the end of the month and the third rich man used to renovate the palace almost every year.
The king was furious and planned for a way out of the melancholy in the village. Subsequently, the king summoned the village oracle priest for the way out of this problem. The king called for the emergency meeting between the rich and the poor in the village.
The king asked the oracle priest to ask from the gods of the land the way out of the problem. Eventually, the priest consulted the gods and said to the king, ‘the three rich men in the village should share their wealth equally and give to the poor ones and there would be peace in the land’.
The three men in the village were very happy for the solution provided by the gods of the land and they all agreed to do as the oracle professed.
After five years, it seemed that the rich men were five times richer than they were before, but the poor ones were poorer ten times. The king summoned the oracle priest to reveal the causes of this problem again. The oracle priest said. “May you live long, your highness, we have only enriched the body of the poor people, but we have not enriched their minds. We have failed to teach them how to make wealth which is simply making them to be rich in mind first of all”.

After they had collected their shares from the rich people of the land the other time, they went ahead by spending the money to buy all sort of things, even some which were not necessary to their lives. Meanwhile, the three rich men went ahead to invest with the little in their hands and they got more. It was through what they produced that they regained the money given out to the poor ones.
“Many people wish for riches but few people provide the definite plan and the burning desire that pave way for wealth”. Many people are too poor in mind, yet they want riches. We cannot get rich in the body without getting rich in the mind first. We have to enrich our mind first, by thinking of how we can make a kobo to become one naira. The mentality that most of us have about riches is different from that of the rich people. Steve Siebold, the author of ‘How Rich People Think’, revealed that ‘Average people think money is the root of all evil. Rich people believe poverty is the root of all evil’. The way the rich people think is different from that of the average people. This has made the former to be different from the latter.
The Mentality of the rich people differentiate them. In acquisition of formal education, the many years spent in school by an average person, was essentially focused on acquisition of qualifications. Hardly was any graduate taught how to accumulate wealth. Few of the wealthy people of the world might not primarily have formal education but are full of ideas on how to be successful in their endeavors. They might even considered academic excellence as a waste of time or stumbling blocks to the fulfillment of their dreams.
This blog does not discourage formal education , but the fact still remain that our academic qualifications are not enough to bring wealth to us. The professors are contented but not necessarily the richest people in the world.
Therefore to have financial freedom is to have a change our mentality in several specific ways. Financial freedom is very paramount and integral part of our lives. The thinking of the average man is to live and/ or work for survival. The belief should be, ’to live and/or work for prosperity’. We should change our perspectives and consider our daily endeavors as part efforts to be prosperous, and not only as survival of the fittest. This is how the rich people think. We all need a new mindset to set us free from financial bondage.

Some school of thoughts in Christianity believe that rich people will not have places in heaven but permit me to quote King Solomon who said “Lord give me riches so that I may not indulge myself in what you don’t like, less I sin against you” King Solomon knew quite alright that lack of basic needs of life can make man to postulate evil. This opinion was also shared by Steve Siebold.
The rich men I used in my illustration were very happy to divide their wealth for the people because they knew the way and the means they would use to get them back. The wise ones still continued to put the little that remained of their wealth into action. They continued in their businesses. They gained back their money through various business activities. The foolish ones did not engage in any investment, rather they spent flamboyantly and paid back their shares unknowingly to the rich ones. I am using this article to open our horizon and to reveal to us the reason why the few rich in our society continue to be rich and the poor are getting poorer.
Wealth mentality is a security for helping us to observe and acknowledge specific thoughts of actions to enable us acquire wealth. This mentality will clear doubts and dismantle challenges and distill fears on the pathway of success . It will simply enable us to recognize and act on wealth building opportunities.

-By Dunmoye Femi
Extracted from the book, “The secret of wealth” By Dunmoye Femi